I highly recommend downloading the Headspace app.  The first 10 sessions are free, and it's a great way to have someone guide you through meditation to begin with.

This article from the Mindful website has a written explanation of how to start and also has some 5 minute audio pieces as beginning meditation aids.  Zen Habits is also a good resource.

Set a timer on your phone for the length of time you want to meditate so you're committed. Don't get frustrated if you can't clear your mind the first few times you try it.  Practice, and it will come.  Watch your thoughts if they come in, and let them go.  



Meal planning is your best friend.  Unpreparedness is a recipe for getting off track.

Here are some blogs with sample meal plans and ideas:  Paleo LeapOur Paleo Life, Stupid Easy Paleo, Elena's Pantry, Google.

Plan to Eat is a pretty cool tool that will automatically generate shopping lists and help you plan meals based on recipes you find on the Internet.

You can order Kettlebell Kitchen meals to be delivered to the gym - it's certainly convenient, and KBK is good for when you don't have time or energy to plan and cook ahead of time. Almost all of their meals are a green light [just watch for the honey].  If you go a restaurant, you don't always know exactly what they are putting in their food or what kind of oil they are cooking the food in.  If it's a grab-and-go chain, be SURE to read the ingredients - even [especially] on salad dressings.

Expect that it is work!  Quality and success in anything you do requires effort, time, and energy - nutrition and health is no different.  Your health is worth it, so budget time accordingly.

Other reference blogs:  Balanced Bites, Mark's Daily Apple, Whole30, and so many more