HRCF Newsletter 12/01/2015

Get ready to party:

Friday December 18th from 8p-12a is the HRCF Holiday party. Join us at the Biergarten on Grand St. for a night of booze and holiday weirdness. Bring all your crazy friends.

New toys:

Dumbbells! Get ready to experience the beauty of dumbbell thrusters.

Storage! We bought new storage racks for all of our kettlebells, dumbbells, plates, and wall balls. This opens up a lot of wall space for wall balls and handstands!

Incline/decline bench! Get ready for a whole new world of exercise options for open gym and private training.

Your calves and hamstrings are tight. Loosen them up with the new ProStrech and experience what the bottom of a squat feels like for Ashley Mak.

Looking to up your deadlift and squat? Spend some time with our new safety squat bar and our new trap bar. You can learn more about what makes these bars awesome here:

Ready to hit your splits? Accumulate 10m on the new leg stretcher after your WOD and you’ll be looking like Marie in no time.

Give the gift of fitness:

Hudson River CrossFit Gift Cards are the perfect holiday gift. You can use HRCF Gift Cards towards our Kickstart Program, and CrossFit Memberships. To get one, stop by the front desk or email

Upcoming events:

12/12 CFH Winter Challenge

12/13 Metropolitan SCM Masters Swim Championships

12/18 HRCF Holiday Party

12/19 BCF/HRCF Platform Throwdown

Ready to give HRCF a try? Set up your first session here.

See you out there,

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