BCF Newsletter 12/01/15

Get ready to party:

This Saturday, December 5th from 7p-11p is the BCF Holiday party. Join us in the depths of the Bowery dungeon for a night of booze and holiday weirdness. Bring all your crazy friends.

New toys:

We’re upgrading the Bowery Weightlifting club big time. Last week we purchased two sets of Pendlay Elite Kilo bumper plates, two sets of Pendlay Elite change plates and three high end Pendlay olympic lifting barbells. This means we will be competing in kilos for the BCF/HRCF Platform Throwdown on 12/19. To compete email Jesse@Flipsidecf.com for BCF and Jay@Flipsidecf.com for HRCF.

Looking to up your deadlift and squat? Spend some time with our new safety squat bar and our new trap bar. You can learn more about what makes these bars awesome here:



For those with low back pain, accumulate 6 minutes upside down in our new inversion boots. Learn why inversion is basically the new kale here:


Ready to hit your splits? Just 10m in the leg stretcher after your WOD and you’ll be looking like Isa in no time.

Give the gift of fitness:

Bowery CrossFit Gift Cards are the perfect holiday gift. You can use BCF Gift Cards towards our new Kickstart Program, Iron Church, Weightlifting Club, and CrossFit Memberships. To get one, stop by the front desk or email Hi@BoweryCrossFit.com

Upcoming events:

12/5 BCF Holiday Party

12/13 Metropolitan SCM Masters Swim Championships

12/19 BCF/HRCF Platform Throwdown

Ready to give Bowery a try? Set up your first session here.

See you out there,

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