HRCF Newsletter - 11/12/2015

Onramp; Hanging upside down; Swimming; Thanksgiving

Happy Thursday guys.

Here's what is on the docket at The Riv:

New Nutrition Challenge is sold out

If you missed your chance to sign up, don't worry, we'll be reopening enrollment in January.

We started a swim team

Flipside Aquatics is now a registered masters swim team. Our first meet is going to be the Metropolitan SCM Masters Championships on Dec 13th in the Upper East Side. Leading up to the meet, we'll be practicing once a week as a team at the Stevens Pool. If you're interested in learning more about the team, the meet schedule, or the practice schedule, email

New beanies are in

Fresh off the presses, the new beanies are $22.

New toys

We updated all the rowers in the Riv to Concept 2 PM-5 monitors. The PM-5 monitors have a backlit display and faster response times, which helps you finish your workouts faster. The most exciting thing about the PM-5 is the Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate monitoring. This feature will come in handy as we get closer to C.R.A.S.H. B’s (the indoor rowing national championship) and start to do sport specific programming for the athletes that’ll be competing (looking at you Big Rob.)

We picked up a pair of inversion boots. You can find them in the athletes lounge. Inversion therapy offers a ton of health benefits - Check out this video to learn how to use them -

New Onramp / Better Class Experience

We started out, more or less, as a group training gym. This worked well for a while, but eventually we grew a little too big for our own liking. The movements we do—deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, pull-ups, handstands—are physically demanding and technically challenging and best taught in a one-on-one environment.

We realized we were doing a huge disservice to our membership by not setting up newbies for success inside and outside of the gym. That being said, group classes make memberships more affordable for you, and they’re social and fun and community-driven; friendships are inevitably formed when you suffer and sweat together.

Which is why going forward we will not allow prospective members to take group classes. We are now offering a free 1-on-1 Intro to Fitness instead. Also, all new members are required to go through a 12 class 1-on-1 or semi-private Kickstart Program before entering group classes. This will set up all our new members for long term success at HRCF and greatly improve the class and coaching experience for both our members and staff.

If you want to find out more about the changes and the Kickstart Program, we wrote about it extensively here:

Thanksgiving schedule

For this Thanksgiving we’ll be running morning classes on 11/25, and we’ll be closed 11/26 & 11/27 so the coaches can spend time with their families. If you are a keycard holder, you’ll still be able to come in during those days and do open gym.

Events on the horizon

12/12 CFH Winter Challenge

12/13 Metropolitan SCM Masters Swim Championships

12/18 HRCF Holiday Party

12/19 BCF/HRCF Platform Throwdown

See you out there,

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